City Car Driving

  • Simulation CATEGORY
  • 4.3

  • Everyone AGE

City Car Driving

  • Simulation CATEGORY
  • 4.3

  • Everyone AGE


  • Last Updated: February 13, 2019

  • Platform: android ios

  • Current Version: 1.038

  • Size: 20.61 Mb

  • Developer: Baris Kaplan

  • Ratings: Everyone

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1. Introduction of the game:
City Car Driving is an immersive and realistic driving simulation game that allows players to experience the thrills and challenges of urban driving. With stunning graphics and true-to-life physics, players can navigate through a dynamic city environment, complete with realistic traffic patterns, weather conditions, and road signs.

2. All characters and levels of the game:
While City Car Driving does not feature traditional characters, players take on the role of a virtual driver, exploring various levels and scenarios within the city. The game offers a wide range of levels, including beginner-friendly tutorials, city navigation challenges, and advanced driving scenarios that test even the most skilled players.

3. What attracts users most to the game:
One of the biggest attractions of City Car Driving is its unparalleled realism. The game provides a highly accurate driving experience, making it a valuable tool for those who want to improve their driving skills or prepare for real-life driving situations. Additionally, the freedom to explore a detailed city environment and the ability to customize various aspects of the driving experience enhances the game's appeal.

4. Why it is popular:
City Car Driving has gained popularity due to its unique gameplay mechanics and attention to detail. Unlike many other racing games, it focuses on the realistic aspects of driving, offering an authentic feel and challenging players to adhere to traffic rules and regulations. The game's precision and realism make it a favorite among driving enthusiasts, professional drivers, and those who simply enjoy the thrill of navigating urban environments.

5. When the game was released and how many versions are currently available:
City Car Driving was initially released in 2007 by the developer Forward Development. Since its launch, multiple versions have been released, with the most recent version offering improved graphics, additional content, and enhanced gameplay mechanics. As of now, there are currently three main versions available, each catering to different player preferences and skill levels.

6. The most difficult part of the game:
The most challenging aspect of City Car Driving lies in the realism of its driving physics and the demand for strict adherence to traffic rules. Maneuvering through busy intersections, obeying traffic lights, and dealing with unexpected situations require precision, focus, and quick decision-making. Mastering these aspects can prove to be the most difficult part of the game.

7. Strengths and weaknesses of the game:
One of the major strengths of City Car Driving is its unparalleled realism, providing players with an authentic driving experience. Additionally, the game's attention to detail, extensive customization options, and diverse range of challenging levels contribute to its appeal. However, some players may find the lack of a traditional storyline or multiplayer features as a weakness, as the game primarily focuses on individual driving experiences.

8. What other games have been developed by the same developer:
Aside from City Car Driving, Forward Development, the developer, has created other notable driving simulation games. These include titles such as "Truck Simulator PRO Europe" and "Extreme Car Driving Simulator," each offering unique driving experiences in different settings and vehicles. Through their various games, the developer strives to deliver realistic and immersive driving experiences for players to enjoy.



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    Excellent driving realism. Limited map variety. A superb simulator for those who crave lifelike road experiences.

  • WD

    Realistic, educational simulator. Great for learning, but lacks excitement. A tool for practicing real-world driving skills.

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