Sonic Forces - Racing Battle

  • Educational CATEGORY
  • 4.4

  • Everyone AGE

Sonic Forces - Racing Battle

  • Educational CATEGORY
  • 4.4

  • Everyone AGE


  • Last Updated: May 6, 2021

  • Platform: android ios

  • Current Version: 3.7.0

  • Size: 43M

  • Developer: SEGA

  • Ratings: Everyone

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1. Sonic Forces - Racing Battle is an exciting multiplayer racing game that brings the beloved characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise onto the track. Players are invited to join the high-speed action, competing against friends and players from around the world to become the ultimate racing champion.

2. The game features a diverse roster of characters from the Sonic universe, including Sonic himself, as well as Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and many more. Each character brings their unique abilities and traits to the race, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay. Additionally, there are various levels inspired by iconic locations from the Sonic series, such as Green Hill Zone and Casino Night Zone, providing a nostalgic experience for fans.

3. What attracts users most to Sonic Forces - Racing Battle is the exhilarating multiplayer aspect. Players can compete in real-time races against up to seven opponents, showcasing their skills, mastering the tracks, and outsmarting their adversaries. The game also offers the ability to customize and upgrade the characters and their vehicles, allowing players to create their own unique racing style.

4. Sonic Forces - Racing Battle has garnered popularity due to its fast-paced gameplay, stunning visuals, and the timeless appeal of the Sonic franchise. The game seamlessly blends the thrill of racing with the beloved Sonic characters, resulting in an addictive and exciting experience that keeps players coming back for more.

5. Sonic Forces - Racing Battle was released on November 30, 2017, and is currently available on various platforms, including iOS and Android devices. Since its initial release, the game has received updates and enhancements, improving the overall gameplay experience for its dedicated fan base.

6. The most difficult part of the game lies in mastering the tracks and utilizing the character's abilities effectively. Each character possesses unique skills, requiring players to adapt their racing strategies accordingly. Additionally, navigating through challenging obstacles and executing precise maneuvers at high speeds adds an extra layer of difficulty, making Sonic Forces - Racing Battle a thrilling and challenging experience.

7. The strengths of Sonic Forces - Racing Battle lie in its engaging multiplayer mode, allowing players to race against friends and players worldwide in real-time. The vibrant graphics and exciting soundtrack further enhance the immersive experience. However, some players may find the in-game progression system slightly grindy, requiring continuous play or potential microtransactions to unlock certain content.

8. Sonic Forces - Racing Battle is developed by Sega, a renowned video game developer responsible for creating iconic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog series, Total War franchise, and Yakuza series. Sega's portfolio showcases their dedication to delivering entertaining and innovative gaming experiences across various genres.



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  • Doaa Elsayed

    Sonic Forces - Racing Battle excels in high-speed competition! Engaging races, diverse characters, and intense gameplay. A visually striking and entertaining experience that sets the standard for Sonic racing adventures.

  • Darian Fox

    Sonic Forces - Racing Battle is a speedster's dream! Dynamic races, iconic characters, and thrilling gameplay. A perfect blend of competition and speed that captures the essence of Sonic's adventures.

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